Southern Comfort Music Experience in Philly

Southern Comfort Music Experience is hosting a solid weekend of music, July 15 - 16 at Penn's Landing, Philadelphia, PA. Come out Saturday and hear Ozomatli along with Shannon McNally, Bonerama, and Cowboy Mouth. Come out on Sunday and hear Bob Mould Band, De La Soul and the Flaming Lips. Free admission for 21 and over.


Hey there.

Thought I'd introduce myself. I found this community through a friend's LJ.

Just wanted to say Ozomatli kicks ass and glad to see there's a community for us fans :)

Another Ozo show

Hey everyone! Just joined & wanted to say: "Much love to my fellow ozo heads!!"
I can't wait for November, Ozo is gonna be at the House of Blues near my home. I'm taking about a group of about 10 friends and about 3 kids who've seen Ozomatli play before and are all fans too. Think this'll be my 18th, 19th or 20th show, not sure, but it's up there.
Loved reading the posts....great to know that the best live band out there has it's own LJ community.

(no subject)

Hi all, Loz your friendly moderator here.
Now this community is getting a bit quiet, and I don't like it! Any ideas how to freshen it up a bit or inject it with some life? All help appreciated :)

P.S. Anyone got Live at the Filimore? What's it like?